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AD Cash For Cars has been serving the SA market for more than a decade. Hence we have the experience and the expertise to offer your the following services and more.

  • The most competitive offer for your vehicle
  • Cash in hand up to $9,999 without delay
  • Fast same-day car removal services
  • FREE pickup from anywhere in South Australia
  • Prompt and helpful customer service
  • Well-equipped car recycling facilities

So, if you are looking for a reliable car buyer in SA, contact us today and fill our quote form to receive an accurate value for your car.

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    Torrensville’s No.1 Choice To Sell Unwanted Vehicles

    Many car owners avoid selling their unwanted vehicles because they know the whole process can be quite complicated and time-consuming. This leads them to leave their old cars parked in the driveway. But AD Cash For Cars offers customers a better and more convenient way to sell their vehicles.

    With us, you can receive up to $9,999 in instant cash for cars in Torrensville and FREE car removal in Adelaide and surrounding areas. That’s right; if you choose us, we will make sure you can quickly sell your vehicle without any hassle.

    AD Cash For Cars has hired the best people to do the job, from our car evaluators to tow trucks drivers; all are the best in their field and will provide you services without any complaints.

    So, call us today and sell your car for the best rates.

    Cash for cars Torrensville

    Follow Our Simple Steps To Sell Your Car For Cash In Torrensville Within 24 Hours

    In just four simple steps, you can quickly get rid of your car, van, bus, truck, Ute, SUV, 4wd, or any other type of vehicle in Torrensville.

    Step 1 – Contact Us To Receive A Quote

    • Customers can fill our valuation form available online to receive a FREE quote for their vehicle.
    • The form requires you to enter your contact information and some details about your car, such as its brand, model, VIN, condition, etc.
    • Once you enter this information, you will receive a quote within a few seconds.
    • All of our quotes are obligation-free.

    Step 2 – Select Car Removal Date

    • Call us if you like the quoted value and want to move forward with the deal.
    • Our customer service staff will talk to you on the phone and arrange an ideal date for car inspection and removal.
    • Once our evaluators inspect the car, we will make you an offer.

    Step 3 – Accept The Offer

    • If you choose to accept the offer, show us your ID card with photo and vehicle registration papers.
    • After that, we will provide you with the necessary paperwork to transfer your car’s title to us.

    Step 4 – Get Paid

    • After all the paperwork, we will take your keys and pay you with up to $9,999 in cash for cars and tow away your car for FREE.

    We Purchase All Makes And Models Of Vehicles In SA

    AD Cash For Cars is known for purchasing all makes and models of vehicles in Torrensville. We know each vehicle is valuable. That’s why all the cars we buy are either reused for car parts or are recycled for recycled metal. That is the reason why the brand or model of the vehicle doesn’t matter to us.

    We purchase all major brands of vehicles, including American, Korean, Japanese, European, and Australian brands of cars. Whether they are currently being made or are discontinued, we will purchase them all.

    A list of brands we buy:

    Don’t worry if you cannot find your car in the list above. Just give our customer service team a call, and they will help you sort it all out and provide you with the best way to sell your unwanted car to us.

    Choose Eco-friendly Car Disposal For Your Unwanted Car Instead Of Dumping Them

    It is part of AD Cash For Cars CSR policy to reuse and recycle most of the components of the vehicle. We understand how dumping vehicles in landfills negatively affects the environment. That’s why we do our best to use all the components of the vehicles and recycle its body.

    Our recycling process is as follows:

    • We take the purchased vehicle to our scrapping facilities to drain them off of all the toxic fluids.
    • AC coolants, old fuels, transmission fluid, and brake oil can contaminate the water supply. That’s why they are taken out carefully and disposed of in a safe manner.
    • Next, the car parts are taken out of the vehicle and passes through rigorous quality checks.
    • If the part is deemed safe, it is sold at our branches at affordable rates. If the part is not up to the mark, it’s either recycled or disposed of.
    • The car’s body and frame, which hosts most of the metal, is taken to a steel recycling facility, where after recycling, it is sold to industrial buyers.

    To sell your vehicle to Torrensville top car wreckers, give us a call today.

    Eco-friendly Car Disposal

    Sell Us All Conditions Of Vehicles

    At AD Cash For Cars, you can sell us your vehicle without worrying about fixing them. Whether your car is in running condition or not, we will buy them and pay you up to $9,999 in instant cash for cars in Adelaide.

    We purchase the following conditions of cars:

    • Old cars
    • Brand new vehicles
    • Cars damaged in accidents
    • Wrecked vehicles
    • Rusted cars
    • Cars with mechanical or electrical problems
    • Body of a car
    • A vehicle with missing parts
    • Cars not eligible for roadworthy certificates
    • Un-registered vehicles
    • Flood/ Fire/ Hail damaged cars
    • And more

    If you own a car in any of the above-mentioned conditions, give us a call today and receive a FREE quote today.

    Ad Cash 4 Cars is a car recycling company that offers top dollar for unwanted cars Sunshine Coast. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible car recycling Adelaide. Our Sunshine Coast auto wreckers are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality recycled parts and steel. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, we will purchase your vehicle with a missing tire. Just fill our online quote form to book a car removal, and our tow truck drivers will arrive at your location and remove the vehicle for FREE.

    Yes, we pay our customers up to $9,999 for their vehicles. The amount you will receive for your car will depend on various factors such as the size of the car, the amount of recyclable metal it has, the number of usable parts still intact, etc. To receive an offer for your vehicle, schedule an inspection today.

    Absolutely, we purchase all brands of vehicles in Adelaide and pay customers top cash up to $9,999. If you are unsure about our procedures, give our customer service team a call, and they will answer your queries and concerns,

    Yes, if requested, we can pay via wire transfer, cheques, and more.