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Contrary to what is believed there is still a place for four-door sedans in today’s world. Despite the drastic increase in demand for SUVs and trucks, the sedan has maintained a substantial market share. Being at the affordable end of the scale cars like the KIA, Rio, Hyundai accent is cars that are more family-friendly. And when the latest models provide you with outstanding performance, the best safety features, and large truck space then why not go for them. Below we have a list of 4 of the top sedans you can buy in Adelaide that offer you the best deal in 2021:

  • Toyota Avalon full-size sedan

Might once be considered an old person car, but in recent years, they have made some major change in design and performance. Now it is anything but boring, with a sleek exterior and a luxurious interior it is a sight to behold. The car still has its trademark capacity, good for 5 adults and their stuff. It is also available in a hybrid model that promises reliability and a very long battery life.  

  • Tesla Model 3 best compact luxury sedan

Where once we thought electric cars were few in numbers and were not that good in terms of performance but now, they are being mass-produced and are in competition with some of the giants in the industry. Tesla is competing in price with its gas-powered counterparts and at the same time offering satisfying driving performance and long driving range at every charge. And let’s admit it feels good to know you are helping the environment by driving a Tesla. This is the reason why Tesla model 3 is in high demand. When you can get all the features (if not more) at the same price but with the added bonus of it being eco-friendly, then why not go for the one that helps the environment.  

  • Honda Accord best mid-size sedan

The best car you can buy is the Honda accord at present, not just the best sedan. Honda has succeeded in its mission for a family sedan with its responsive controls and reliable safety features, this car was designed with keeping family comfort and safety in mind. And with the recent update and its compatibility with android and apple devices, it is a car that anyone can drive. Its features include automated climate control, Honda sensing which includes lane-keep assist, automated emergency braking, cruise control and so much more. Though the styling might not be to everyone’s taste it still makes up with its features and dependability.  

  • Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class best subcompact luxury sedan

This one has been referred to as a coup with its sweeping roof and elegant appearance, it is considered one of the most affordable Mercedes in the market at present. With its more straightforward design, it is equipped with a fully automated dashboard, a classy interior. While some alterations can be made to the exterior but the main aesthetics remains the same. With 221hp and incredible fuel economy this is the car for you if you wish to maintain your style and at the same time require the space and comfort of a sedan.   These are the few cars worth buying in 2021. If you are interested in buying them but feel you are a little short of cash, don’t stress. Sell your old car to us and get paid up to $8,999 in quick cash. We will come to you and pick your vehicle for FREE and pay you your due amount with Adelaide’s best car deals. Just fill our online form and schedule an appointment of Adelaide best car deals. We pay top cash for cars Adelaide and cash for cars Sunshine Coast both.  

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