Terms And Conditions

Greetings from AD Cash for Cars!

Please read out the stated terms and conditions carefully before signing up for our services. These conditions draw a legal distinction between our company and the customers to secure values and work ethics. You become entitled to adhere to our policies and standards by declaring acceptability to our terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any of the clauses stated here, it is suggested that you withdraw from availing yourself of our services.

ADCashforCars Description

ADCashforCars is a competitive car removal service that has been operating in the industry for a decade. With years of experience, we can offer comprehensive services in different parts of Australia. The streamlined procedures narrow down the complex work structure many car sellers usually encounter when selling their old and damaged vehicles. To bring ease and effectiveness, our dedicated team is trained to deliver high-end services to thousands of customers. Additionally, we don’t set boundaries when it comes to accepting specific types of automobiles, as we cater to all makes and models irrespective of the condition.

Restrictions For the Users

Our services are not designed to entertain anyone who does not own the vehicle’s title. Regarding car selling on behalf of a third party, our team requires relevant documents demonstrating the legal right to sell the car. This is to ensure that the automobiles sold to us are free of titles like theft or steal. Also, we are legally bound not to serve individuals under the age of 18.

About Our Services

Our services can be accessed by anyone who needs to meet the restricted criteria. To avail yourself of the offers, use the different call-to-action buttons placed in various locations on our site. These buttons lead the users straight to the quotation form that requires basic details of the automobile they are willing to sell.
The offers generated are based on the details provided by the car sellers. In case of any ambiguity or misinterpretation of the details provided, we do not guarantee a fair quote for your esteemed vehicles. It is to be noted that our team has the right to revoke or alter the offers in the event of certain requirements not being met.
With the transfer of the financial obligation, we have complete rights to the vehicle and cannot revoke the deal if you wish to do so.

User Responsibility

As a site user, you are responsible for providing our team with the accurate information required. In case of false representation of the vehicle, we have the right to terminate the offer immediately. False acclamations impact our valuation process and can lead the users to bear termination on availing our services permanently.

Method of Payment

To abide by the policies formed by the Government of Australia related to payment methods, we have terminated paying customers in cash. All the payments are made via bank transfer and OSKO to protect the transaction from potential scams. During the process, our team requires your suitability in terms of getting paid and we ensure that our payment method follows your feasibility.

Cancellation Charges

A cancellation fee is applied if you cancel the booking before informing our team. In case of any cancellation and backing out from the process, we require a written explanation subject to valid reasons at least 24 hours before. You are required to pay a certain amount in case you didn’t notify any member of our team regarding the cancellation of the offer.


It is an obligation of the site users to walk through the terms and conditions and the privacy policy stated by the company before confirming the offer. By using our services, you accept the privacy policies and the working protocols laid by us.
As a site user, you acknowledge that:

  • No information submitted is false and ambiguous.
  • You are above 18 years of age.
  • You are the legal owner of the vehicle.
  • The vehicle is free from titles such as theft or steal.
  • You have the legal authority to sell the vehicle.

Breach Policy

If you are found guilty of any breach, we have complete ownership to terminate the offer immediately. We can revoke the offer without prior notice if the terms and conditions are not being adhered to. Depending on the severity of the breach, we can suspend serving the customer either temporarily or permanently.

Any suspicious activity can lead to direct termination of the deal without setting up the table for justification. Our company has been operating for years with honesty and integrity, and we are forming a family of satisfied customers loyal to our services and our name.

Privacy Policy

We handle the personal information provided by the customers by our privacy policy. By using our services, you give our company the consent to take, use, and disclose personal information outlined in the privacy policy.