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Welcome to cash for car removal Sunshine Coast where you can sell your 4WD, truck, bus, SUV, Ute, and sedan for top dollars.

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    Top Benefits of Choosing Us

    • No hidden charges
    • No towing fees
    • No Quotation Fees
    • No paperwork fees
    • No obligatory car inspection
    • Instant Cash on the spot
    Top Benefits of Choosing Us

    Sell your Junk and Unwanted car

    Ad Cash for Cars buys a vehicle with any condition. We buy:

    How to Sell Scrap Car for Top Dollars

    Ad Cash for Cars is your one-stop-shop for all your automotive needs, from cash for cars Sunshine coast to junk car removal. We will also remove any vehicle that is no longer useful to you for free. For a high cash offer on any of your unwanted automobiles in Caloundra and the surrounding suburbs, fill out our quotation form on our website.

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    Hassle-Free and Quick Service

    Our friendly and professional team members will inspect your car and complete the paperwork for free. The entire procedure takes less than 30 minutes, and you get instant top dollars on the spot.

    So, wherever you live in Caloundra, we will come to your place and pick up your car without damaging your property.

    All we ask from you is your car keys, photo identity card, removal of personal belongings from the vehicle, and removal of number plate.

    Hassle-Free and Quick Service
    How to Get A Free Quote?

    How to Get A Free Quote?

    • Call us or use our online evaluation tool
    • Accept our cash for car offer
    • Schedule for free car towing service
    • Get your car removed the same day
    • Accept instant cash offer
    How to Get A Free Quote?

    Best Car Wrecker At Caloundra

    We are the top car wreckers in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast. Our professional wrecking team dismantles the parts that can be reuse and resell.

    Hazardous fluids and toxic materials from old vehicles are removed safe lyon Sunshine Coast. The metal extracted from the caris reused. By doing all this method of wrecking and recycling, we support the environment by reducing the demand for new items by recycling old vehicle parts and metal.

    Best Car Wrecker At Caloundra

    Get an Offer Right Now!

    Do you have an old or damaged automobile that you’d want to get rid of? Do you want to get rid of the car or sell it for cash?

    Meet Ad Cash for Cars Sunshine Coast. We pay the most money for any vehicle brand and condition. Your vehicle might be old, trash, or damaged, but we will pay you top dollars for it. So, if you want to sell a scrapped car or truck, contact us since we will recycle it and offer you the most money on the spot.